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Misery Vodka
Graphic Identity

Wheelys - Web design

Wheelys - Headers for social media

Wheelys - Different images for Social Media

Wheelys - Photography Wheelys Mini

Wheelys - Photography for social media

Savoy Button for Iittala + NSID
Design of button, based on Alvar Aaltos Savoy Vase and photography

Savoy Bag for Iittala + NSID
Design of bag, based on Alvar Aaltos Savoy Vase and photography

Mad Luck - Logo

Mad Luck - Content for social media


Video for Mad Luck
Services: Video editing and motion graphics


Maria vs Starbucks
Services: Full production. Including editing and graphics.
Info: This might look like a simple video, but it reached over 1.8 mm views on Facebook, check out on Wheelys Facebook page


Video for JandiHeartEco
Services: Filming, Sound and editing


Campaign video for Make Equals Instagram
Services: Video production and editing


Video for Red Cross and Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery
Services: Script and directing


Educational video for Wheelys - Coffee beans
Services: Filming and editing
Info: This is one of 30 videos made for Wheelys Academy,
get in touch to view the full series.


Music Video for S Pousette - You May be Loved
Services: Filming and editing